So Much Depends On Your Proportions

by A Movable West

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released July 1, 2009

Recorded at Joshua Tree studio in Sacramento, California. Produced by Josh Benton and A Movable West.



all rights reserved


A Movable West Stockton

A thing created.

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Track Name: Plaid
Track Name: I Know Nothing About Knowing
Tell God that I'm listening
to every word he says
it'll take more than these two hands
to cover these two ears

Please excuse my soapy breath
My mother tried her best
I curse like a sailor
no matter how much soap she kept

They say you can't walk with a swagger
On the straight righteous path to the Lord
But please sir I'm tired and legs are sore
forgive me if my gait seems unsure

Tell god I'm still listening
I still capitalize his name
I tried to spell it different ways
but it didn't sound the same

I think its slightly unfair
he used to shout through the clouds
it seems to be a bad sign
the skies been silent for years now

Are you first are you foremost a father
even on the days that I just need a friend
If I told you my body was burning
you say stop putting on what you can't put out

all I need is a little peak a little peak
and I swear I'd believe
all we need to set us free to set us free
is a little divine company

I thought I could whisper
and he'd hear every word
He's your dad could you talk to him
your close from what I've heard

Dear Jesus the more the merrier
I'll take forgiveness from whoever I can
I'll bury it I'll bury it much deeper
then the houses I built on the sand

is this your plan
Track Name: Canto VII
No sister, you stay here with the children
And I’ll make sure they know my name
I’ll go out to meet the butchers
Maybe trade my head for a couple empty graves

Does God know they have us surrounded?
I’ve been trying to tell him all damn day
But the wind has carried off much heavier things
Though I tethered it to a dozen amens


Hush, don’t let them hear you cry
They’ll tell their wives exactly how we died
I’ll point my beard towards the west
Cause if the sun’s gonna set, I want to be facing it


I should have known the good can’t last
When the green crops came, I spread the word far too fast
See it only takes a couple jealous men
To take the green in life and make it brown again

Track Name: Left On Atchison
So this is where you fight it out
brown and gray some valley town
I just pictured you in much more color

all their boys make pretty sounds
but they carry axes all around
and they'll keep pieces of you
to hang up on their wall
do you keep me at all

fifty bucks will buy you out
but your so busy with your doubts
you can keep the anchor
just let me pull it out

ride this cozy window seat
and watch the brown turn to green
you'd look so beautiful
wearing a piece of the sea
you'd look so beautiful
wearing a piece of me

...but the fire can't reach you here
thank god the fire can't reach you here
but the ocean always keeps what you throw in....
Track Name: North
I saw your sister bloom
in a dimmer room
wasn't sure if I should stay
turned my head hid my face
she didn't complain

Can you feel the pound
of the shaking ground
I built these walls
I taught them how to fall
if she ever came around

what a patient fight
waiting for the afterlife
if time could be killed
oh the weapons I'd wield
and the checks I'd write

Oh how the colors change
with your point of view
I love how home stays the same
if it's far enough from you
(thats why I keep it with you)

open wide
I'm not the fragile kind
you'll have to swollow me whole
to keep me alive
and keep surprise on your side

your my snowy north
I'm your burning south
touching tip quenching kiss
east and west get a grip
come calm us down

I let your brother know
what I think of you
he doesn't listen very well
but what ya going to do
(I guess we all just miss you)


give jesus my love
and my resume
tell him the liquor is just
for the winter and my aching legs
(tell him whatever it takes)
Track Name: Jack and the Unlikely Ocean
Attention ocean liners
you dont run like you used to
it's about time you told the truth

I can feel you in my stomache
scraping through my arteries
leaking oil in my bloodstream

...your loves not free but it was cheap
...thank god you'll never leave

attention pale faced angels
where you sit betting on who can save me
do my sins make me heavy

fearless heaven creatures
do you envy me and my free will
your sent, you save, you heal

...God has a plan but who can sit still's a prescription to fill

I'll fish it out
I'll pound it down
I'll keep it close
slide out my mouth

words come and go
but you dont you know
I'll hold this note
I'll let it go
I'll let you know

so just show me a piece of your skin so I'll know
Track Name: The Politics of Better
would have left if I were you
you know me and the truth
play for different sides

concerning your lost lambs
me and my best friend
lifted the grayish hinge
that kept them all inside

we kept them up drinking all night
we made sure they had no place to hide

under a darker hue
in cotton balls and elmers glue
we hid our teeth from you
maybe you always knew

a better son
god how I've tried that one
but that's when the girls they come
and drag me along

and I end up so far away from you
father, I'm a sinner, carry me through

were you lost
when you were young
just tell me the boy I am
could be you if he grew up

and did you scare
like little boys can
I swear if I grew legs
I'd be a mountain of a man

now I know
you didn't want to bury me early
now I see
you just didn't want to bury me

now I know
you didn't want to bury me early
now I see
you just didn't want to bury me

a better son
god have I tried that one
but you know the west was won
with five fingers clinched

I can feel the fire in my hand
how can something so beautiful kill a man
Track Name: An Antagonist... (For Kayla)
Coming in for a landing
The wind was rough but at least we got here
Hey dad, I love you
But it’s that love I’ve come to fear

It’s the handshakes that were useful
For keeping us at arms length
But captain, my captain
I found that love in so many other ways

But don’t you forget
The reason why I stick around
Because I call you father
And blood’s as good as gold in this town

Don’t worry Dad
I bought some land with your name in concrete
I tried my very best
But you chose not to have a life to leave

Five years from now
When your body’s cold and the world has moved on
My lover and I will visit you
To show your bones how love looks strong

Here’s a million goodnight kisses
One for everyday without your company
If Mom was really that bad
Why’d you leave her with me?
Track Name: In Defense of the Lower Case
Remember the sun
We sucked the raindrops from sprinkler heads
And we kissed and we both meant it
It was the best damn day I ever had
I remember that

Remember the weight
Of the stars and all their shapes
Or maybe it was your face I held
I can never tell

Uh oh uh oh
I can feel it in my legs again

Remember the charge
Of being joined at the lips and arms
And never having to think too hard
About how far behind we are
Just bodies in cars

Remember the face
Of a boy so calm, so safe
Who would bleed before he would change
All for your taste

Oh whoa whoa whoa
Oh whoa whoa whoa
Oh whoa whoa whoa whoa

Are you easily...
Are you easily scared, scared like me

Uh oh whoa whoa
I can feel it in my feet again
And you know, you know
That’s how you know
Track Name: You Devil You
Too bad you won't
I thought you were smarter
but you keep saying no
and you keep running home

But whatever you don't do
I'll just get your brother to
I'll just get your father to
then I'll come back after you

I'll make your bones
grinding stones
you don't even know
the kind of things that I can throw

I know you miss what you had
when you were an evil man
I can bring it all back
with my bare red hands


I lifted you up
and this is what I get
you jump in some dirty river
and join the born again

but soon the fun will start
as the drugs depart
and the toxins leave you body
and your fluttering heart

that's when you will scream for me
and the man that I could make you be
and you'll trade in your family
for some sharp and shiny things

I will make it easy
I'll lead the dealer straight to your veins
I'll distract the cops
with some homicidal kids

don't worry darling I'm fine
I'm just going out for
some air and a bottle of wine

be sure to keep the kids safe
I just don't want them to know
their father is a fake

(honey just ignore that last part)